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We are a community specialty pharmacy that cares for you and your family by removing all barriers to treatment.


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Ft McCoy SPECIALTY PHARMACY was established to cater to the needs and preferences of individuals with rare or complex health conditions. This is why we offer specialty medicines that are designed specifically according to our customers’ needs and preferences. Most importantly, the medicines we provide are disease-specific. As such, we only provide medications to individuals who have prescriptions. 

Whenever our customers have problems or confusion with their medications, our pharmacists are always ready to help. We can provide special medication packaging and educate our customers regarding the dosage, formulation, and other needed information regarding their medication. 

Our team carefully coordinates with our patients’ health care providers to effectively oversee their medications and assure that they receive the treatment(s) they need. 


Our mission is geared towards helping the community gain access to medications that are specifically tailored to their needs and preferences. We take an individual-based approach in providing our customers with their needed medications to ensure better health outcomes while reducing the overall healthcare burden.


We uphold excellence in serving our patients. With this, we envision to become a premier choice for specialty medications in Florida.

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